Training Band Award System

We are excited to announce that Key Music Australia has introduced an Award System for all of the Training Band’s at our schools.

This Award System has been introduced over the first few weeks of Term 2 at Band Rehearsals and will be explained to the students by their Band Conductor and Tutor.

Students have been issued with their Award System Sheet which will be stored in the front of their Band Folder or Sound Innovations Book.

Upon completion of the Award, students will be presented with a Certificate.

Below are answers to a few potential questions:

Why are we introducing an Award System?
To set goals for students as well as providing a challenge and a sense of achievement that keeps them focused and moving forward.

What is the aim of the Award System?
To develop a strong foundation built on core musical concepts.

Who will be participating in the Award System?
All Training Band students.

Who will be assessing the Award System?
Key Music Australia tutors and conductors will be assessing students and marking off the requirements in music lessons and band rehearsals.

How will the Award System be assessed?
Key Music Australia Tutors and Conductors each have a stamp they will use to mark off completed items. Only tutors and conductors are to mark off completed items.

Do we need to bring our Award Sheet to Music Lessons and Band Rehearsals?
Yes. The only way you can have your award sheet marked off is if you bring it to EVERY music lessons and EVERY band rehearsal.

What if my child does not have a lesson from a Key Music Australia Music Tutor?
No Problem. Your child’s tutor can still mark off the requirements when they are completed. Or you can ask you conductor to assess and mark of completed items.

My Child has lost their Award System Sheet. What do I do?
Talk to your band conductor and they will be able to issue you another copy. However, the items will need to be reassessed to have them marked as completed again.

What do we do when my child has completed their Award Sheet?
Your tutor needs to sign off the Sheet at the bottom of the 2nd page once completed. Then your conductor then needs to sign off the sheet as completed. The Award sheet will be collected by the conductor and they will arrange for a completion Certificate to be presented to the child. Tutors and conductors will only sign of the Award Sheet once all items are marked as completed.

When does the Award system need to be completed by?
There is no due date, but we are expecting many students to have completed Award Level 1 by the end of Term 2. However we understand that all students will work at a different pace.

Are there more Award Levels?
Yes. Once you complete Level 1, you will be issued with Level 2.

Are there Award Systems for students in other bands?
Not at this stage. The Award System is based around the Sound Innovations Band Book and the content found within. Therefore all Training Band Students can work on the same material.

Further Questions?
Ask your tutor or band conductor.