NRPS New Enrolment Form for 2019

This form is for Enrolment in the North Ryde Public School (NRPS) Band Program. All the costs involved with being in the band (such as Band Fees, Instrument Hire & Lesson Costs) are listed in the form below – please scroll down to view. Enrolment Information is used by the NRPS Band Committee and Key Music Australia to process your enrolment.
Student Details
Please note this is the school year they will be in 2019 (next year)
Primary Contact Parent/Guardian
All Emails, SMS, Invoices & Communication will be sent to the Primary Contact.
Other Contact Parent/Guardian
Instrument Preference
Please list at least 2 preferences. Students will be allocated to the instrument most suited to them based upon their instrument assessment.

Please CLICK HERE for important information about Keyboard Enrolments.

Please CLICK HERE for important information about Percussion/Drum Enrolments.
Lesson Type
For new beginners, we recommend a group lesson (maximum of 6 students in a lesson) for the first year of lessons. After one year of group lessons, students will need to progress to a private lesson.
All music lessons in 2019 will be held on-site at school from 8am on Friday mornings and throughout the morning on Friday's in school time.
**PLEASE NOTE group and shared lessons are not available for percussion students**
Band Rehearsal Fee
The Band Rehearsal Fee for Training Band is $72+GST per term.
The band rehearsal fee will automatically be included on your invoice issued by Key Music Australia each term. The first invoice will be issued via email in Term 1, 2019.
Instrument Hire
Please note that Instruments Hired from the NRPS Band Committee are invoiced directly by the NRPS Band Committee (not Key Music Australia) at a rate of $66 per term.

**Please note that this hire rate is the 2018 rate and we expect the rate to be similar in 2019. The rate is set by the NRPS Band Committee**
Other Information
The below information will greatly assist us to best meet your child's needs in regards to music tuition. This information is used confidentially and will be provided to your child's conductor/tutor as needed.
Photo & Video Consent
Key Music Australia will at times, take photos or videos of students to assist with students education. This images and videos will be used by Key Music Australia Staff for professional development. Photos and Videos may also be posted on the Key Music Australia websites ( &
Consent & Agreement
By submitting this form, I agree to the Key Music Australia Terms & Conditions (CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON OUR WEBSITE) I understand that my invoice will be sent to me via email each term and I agree to pay this invoice by the due date listed on the invoice. I understand that if my invoice is not paid by the due date, my child will not be able to attend music lessons or band rehearsals and the outstanding invoice amount will be referred to our debt collection agency as per our Terms & Conditions. All information collected by Key Music Australia will remain private and confidential and will only be used by staff and band committee members of North Ryde Public School and the staff and tutors of Key Music Australia and will not be disclosed to anyone.