Zoom Setup Help for Online Music Lessons

Below is some information about how to get ready for your Online Music Lesson with Key Music Australia via ZOOM.

CLICK HERE for Audio Settings for an iPad or iPhone

How do I access my ZOOM Online Music Lesson?

  • Once you have ZOOM on your device, CLICK the link found in your confirmation email. It will look like this Eg. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/1234567890. This will take you straight to your tutor’s Online Music Lesson Waiting Room. You will not be able to enter the room until the tutor admits you in. It is likely that they will have a lesson before your lesson.
  • You can also enter your lesson by clicking the JOIN button on ZOOM. You will need to enter the Meeting ID which is also found in your confirmation email.
Click the JOIN button
Enter the Meeting ID and your Child’s Name then click JOIN

When should I enter the Waiting Room?

  • We recommend that you click on the link to enter the waiting room a few minutes before your lesson time.

Tips for Setting Up your Online Music Lessons space at home

  • A laptop is the most suitable device for Online Music Lessons as it has the biggest screen and the camera can be moved up and down easily for positioning.
  • A tablet or phone can be used.
  • Position the device so that the tutor will be able to see the instrument and face of the student.
  • In most cases having the device facing the student “side on” will be best.
  • Louder instruments should never be pointing directly at the device, as the sound will distort and this could negatively impact the lesson.

Audio Settings to adjust on ZOOM

CLICK HERE for Audio Settings for an iPad or iPhone

Below are settings for a Laptop (Mac or PC).

CLICK on Settings/Preferences which will bring you to this screen

Click on the AUDIO Button on the Left Hand Side Menu

Under the Microphone Section, make sure the “Automatically Adjust Microphone Volume is UNCHECKED (no tick). Make the Microphone Input Volume Approx 80%.
Make sure your settings are the same as the RED CIRCLES above

You then need to ensure that in the ZOOM Call, you TURN ON ORIGINAL SOUND

Click the “Turn On Original Sound” Button (see below) in the top left corner of your computer ZOOM screen.

It will say “Turn Off Original Sound” (see below) when the setting is correct.

CLICK HERE for Audio Settings for an iPad or iPhone