Practice, Practice, Practice……..

Practice, Practice, Practice……..

These 3 words are said regularly by tutors and conductors. But what do they mean?

Students need to practice and this needs to be done regularly. Every tutor and conductor will have a slightly different version of how much practice is needed. There are also a number of variables to consider dependent of the individual and family situation.

Here are some guidelines. Remember that ultimately the more practice the student does, the faster they will progress.

I personally recommend that beginners should practice at least 3 times per week for at least 20mins each practice.

This does not include your weekly lesson or band rehearsal.

Practice is about consistency. The same as with any sport or activity that you want to get better at. Whilst any practice is better than no practice, regular practice spread throughout the week is the ideal. I believe that 3 x 20mins practices on separate days in the week is better than 1 x 60mins practice on one day.

Matt Dalziel

Key Music Australia - Managing Director