Updated Timetable – Music Lessons Restart from Week 6

Fri 21st Aug, 2020

Statement from Matt Dalziel – Managing Director, Key Music Australia

Updated Timetables for Music Lessons have been sent to families via email TODAY (Fri 21st Aug). (North Ryde PS timetable was sent via email on Mon 24th Aug).

As previously announced, Key Music Australia will be able to continue Face to Face Music Lessons for ALL Instruments onsite at schools from Week 6 (from Mon 24th Aug).

Please note the following final details about Music Lessons restarting in Week 6:

  • ALL Students will still be receiving a face to face music lesson each week.
  • The Timetable has been rearranged so that only a maximum of 2 students are allocated to a lesson time slot.
  • Lesson Time Slots with 2 students allocated:
    • Students will each have 15min lesson
    • Both students are to arrive at the lesson start time and setup outside the room. 
    • Students will go in to the room 1 at a time for their 15min lesson. It may be a different student going first each week depending on who is setup and ready first. 
    • Students will not be in the room at the same time. 
    • Students waiting for their lesson must wait directly outside the room
    • Only 1 tutor and 1 student are permitted in the room at the same time whilst a music lesson is taking place. 
  • Students highlighted in YELLOW indicate there has been a change of time/day. Please take note of this. 
  • Where possible, we have tried to keep students at the same time/day or as close to this time as possible. However some time/day changes have been unavoidable. We apologise for any inconvenience. 
  • Students who pay for a SHARED lesson have temporarily been allocated (where possible) to a 30mins lesson slot on their own. Shared Lesson students will be given a 20mins private lesson in this time slot. 
  • Key Music Australia Staff will continue the hygiene and cleaning protocols between each lesson as per our COVID-19 safety plan. 
  • Students must continue to use Hand Sanitiser before and after their lesson. This will be provided at the lesson.


If you would like to claim the Creative Kids Voucher please submit via this form: https://www.myschoolband.com.au/creativekids/

Unfortunately due to the new restrictions on group activities, there will be No Band Rehearsals for Term 3 until further notice. Band Rehearsals will restart once permitted by the Department of Education.

We are looking forward to restarting Music Lessons next week. Our hope is that restrictions for group music may be relaxed for Term 4. This will be reviewed at the end of Term 3. 

Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this challenging time.