Mt Colah PS – Start of 2022

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All current band students who were in the Band Program at the start of 2021 DO NOT need to re-enrol as your enrolment is ongoing into 2022.

We are planning for there to be 3 bands at Mt Colah PS in 2022.

Students in Waratah Band in 2021 will automatically progress to the Concert Band in 2022.

Students in Concert Band in 2021 will automatically progress to the Performance Band in 2022.

Students in Performance Band in 2021 will remain in the Performance Band in 2022.

All New Beginner Band Enrolments will start in the Waratah Band in 2022.

How the Return to Band in 2022 will work

We are planning for a restart to face-to-face band rehearsals and music lessons onsite at schools at the start of Term 1, 2022. This restart will be dependent on the restrictions in NSW Schools which will be available from the Dept of Education at the start of Term 1, 2022. Band Rehearsal and Music Lesson days and times will be provided at the start of 2022 once they are confirmed.

Key Music Australia staff will be observing students in the early rehearsals and music lessons in Term 1 to ensure that students are in the most suitable band for their current level. We are aware that students will be at a variety of different levels when we return face-to-face. There may need to be some movement of students between bands and this will be managed by our staff on a case by case basis. Families are asked to be patient and flexible as we restart face-to-face in 2022.

As a part of the “Return to Band in 2022”, we are planning to have some big combined band rehearsals with all band students at your school as early as possible at the start of Term 1, 2022. Students will be playing the Flexible Band Music which is available HERE.

These big combined band rehearsals will be a fun way for the students to be playing together again as a group. The group environment will also allow our staff to be able to observe and assess the students as necessary.

We have provided some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) HERE