Asquith PS – Start of 2023

All current band students who were in the Band Program at the end of 2022 DO NOT need to re-enrol as your enrolment is ongoing into 2023.

There will be 2 bands at Asquith PS in 2023.

Students in Training Band in 2022 will automatically progress to the Performance Band in 2023.

Students in Performance Band in 2022 will remain in the Performance Band in 2023.

All New Beginner Band Enrolments will start in the Training Band in 2023.

Music Lessons Restart from: Week 4 (from Monday 13th Feb). The timetable will be sent out via email by 5pm on Friday 10th Feb.

Training Band Rehearsals start: Term 2 (more details will be provided later in Term 1).

Performance Band Rehearsals start on: Monday 6th Feb – Week 3, Term 1. 3:00pm – 4:00pm in the Support Unit Demountable (Students walk straight to the demountable at the end of the day school bell. All students who were in Training & Performance Band in 2022 will be in Performance Band in 2023. Your Conductor is Matt Dalziel.