AMEB Exam Enrolment Form

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Please only fill in this enrolment form if you have been advised to do so by the Key Music Australia Office or your tutor.
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Exam Details
Eg. 1st Grade Flute

The Current Exam Period we are accepting enrolments for is: AMEB NSW METRO SECOND SESSION.

Exams will be scheduled between the following dates: 8th October – 29th October, 2022

Please enter all dates that your child is NOT AVAILABLE in the exam period. If nothing is entered in this field, we will assume you are available for all dates in the exam period. Exams are often scheduled on a Saturday, but may be scheduled on a weekday. Key Music Australia endeavours to not have exams scheduled in school holidays but this cannot be guaranteed.

Once the exam date is scheduled, no changes can be made. Refunds are not available.
I understand that by submitting this form that my child will be entered into an AMEB Exam by Key Music Australia. I am liable for all costs involved (exam entry and piano accompaniment). Invoices will be sent for these costs. Exam Entry costs are as follows:

Preliminary - $104.00

Grade 1 & 2 - $112.00

Grade 3 & 4 - $124.00

Grade 5 & 6 - $137.00

Piano accompaniment costs are usually charged at a rate of $80/hour and will either be invoiced directly by the piano accompanist or by Key Music Australia.

I understand that preparation for an exam requires a commitment from the student and the parents to regular practice as well as the purchasing of the necessary books.

Key Music Australia reserves the right to withdraw a student from their exam if they will not be ready for the exam in time. Our staff will do everything possible to ensure that students are ready for their exam. No refunds are available if students are withdrawn from an exam.
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