Percussion/Drum Try Outs are not done at the regular band try out sessions. Key Music Australia will conduct specific Percussion/Drum Try Outs at school only for families who would like their child to play the drums. You need to be prepared to purchase a drum kit in the future (or already have access to one). Shared and Group Lessons are not available for Percussion/Drum Lessons.

The Percussion/Drums Try Out will not be done on a drum kit, but will involve some rhythm, coordination and concentration tests using techniques such as clapping and stomping in time to a beat. We will be identifying students who have a good sense of rhythm.

Please be advised that doing a Percussion/Drums Try Out does not mean that your child will be selected for Drums. You will be advised after the drum try outs, whether your child is suitable to enrol for Percussion/Drums. Please only fill in a Try Out request if you are genuinely interested in your child playing Percussion/Drums in the school band.

If you would like to request a Percussion/Drum try out for your child, please fill in the Online Percussion/Drum Try Out Request Form available by CLICKING HERE. You will be contacted about a specific try out session for your child. Please note that due to COVID-19 Restrictions, these Percussion/Drum try outs may not take place till Term 1, 2021.