Key Kids Beginner Short Course – Wed 1:30pm

This form is to REGISTER current Key Music Australia beginner students for our KEY KIDS Beginner Short Course on Wednesdays at 1:30pm.

The course goes for 4 weeks and each session is for 30mins.

The full cost of the 4 week short course is $55.00 (inc GST).

All students who are in their first year of band are encouraged to attend this course.

Click HERE for more information and FAQs about the Short Course
Student Details
Parent/Guardian Details
Course Information
The KEY KIDS Beginner Short Course will run for 4 weeks. The course will be run on ZOOM for 30mins each week.

You are registering for the course which will start on Wednesday 25th August from 1:30pm - 2:00pm. It then continues on Wed 1st Sept, 8th Sept & 15th Sept.

The course will cover essential content for beginners including:
  • Notation (How to read music notes better and faster)
  • Rhythm (Reading a range of simple and harder musical rhythms)
  • Theory (What do all the words and marking mean?)
  • Listening/Aural Skills (Listening to and recognising various musical sounds
  • Band Rehearsal Skills (Understanding the conductor, rehearsal etiquette, learning how to be an excellent band member)
The content will be delivered in a fun and engaging group environment, allowing for students to ask questions. There will be visual and audio presentations as well as musical games and activities to help reinforce the learning. We will also be using Kahoot! Music Quiz Games as part of the program.

Places are limited. Each Short Course is limited to a maximum of 25 students.
Consent and Terms & Conditions
Parent/Guardian Consent is needed to engage in online courses.

Visibility: participation in courses must take place in a visible public room in the home (e.g. dining room, living room). Not in a bedroom. There needs to be some level of visibility to other adults in the house.

Supervision: Parents must be responsible for their child's health & safety and behaviour management during the course. We will endeavour to keep the courses engaging and fun, however there is limited capacity to manage the student's behaviour when we are not in the room with the student.

A Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult (over 18) must be either be in the room or within listening distance. They do not need to be on camera, however this measure is to maintain transparency and adequate protection of the student and staff during the courses.

Focused space: Parents must agree to the room being 'noise free' and 'sibling free'. Whilst we need visibility to other adults, interruptions from other members of the household will have a negative impact on the learning of the student.

Recording: Key Music Australia Staff will never record ZOOM sessions. Students and families are not permitted to record their ZOOM sessions on any device (phone/tablet etc).
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