Asquith PS – Start of 2021

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School: Asquith Public School

Delivery & Collection of Band Students – Asquith Public School

– Parents/carers may walk their child to outside the hall or outside the school building that their child has a music lesson/band rehearsal in.
– Parents/carers are NOT allowed to enter the hall or any school buildings.
– Parents/carers must leave the school grounds, immediately after dropping off or collecting their child.
– Parents/carers are NOT allowed to wait on school grounds. Please wait outside the gate.
– Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.

Music Lessons Restart from: Week 4 (from Monday 15th Feb). Timetable will be sent out via email by 5pm on Friday 12th Feb.

Training Band Rehearsals start: Term 2 (more details will be provided later in Term 1).

Performance Band Rehearsals start on:┬áMonday 8th Feb – Week 3, Term 1. 7:45am – 8:45am in the Hall (Please arrive at 7:40am). All students who were in Training & Performance Band in 2020 will be in Performance Band in 2021.