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Key Kids Online Short Course




The KEY KIDS Beginner Short Course will run for 4 weeks. The course will be run on ZOOM for 30mins each week.

The 4 week course will start on Wednesday 25th August. It then continues on Wed 1st Sept, 8th Sept & 15th Sept.

Wednesday from 1:00pm – 1:30pm (FULLY BOOKED)

Wednesday from 1:30pm – 2:00pm (FULLY BOOKED)

All Key Music Australia Beginner Students in their first year of band are encouraged to participate in this Short Course.

The full cost of the 4 week course is $55.00 (inc GST).

The course will cover essential content for beginners that would normally be taught in face-to-face band rehearsals in their first year of band including:

  • Notation (How to read music notes better and faster)
  • Rhythm (Reading a range of simple and harder musical rhythms)
  • Theory (What do all the words and markings on the page mean?)
  • Listening/Aural Skills (Listening to and recognising various musical instruments and sounds)
  • Band Rehearsal Skills (Understanding the conductor, rehearsal etiquette, learning how to be an excellent band member)

The content will be delivered in a fun and engaging group environment, allowing for students to interact and ask questions. There will be visual and audio presentations as well as musical games and activities to help reinforce the learning. We will also be using Kahoot! Music Quiz Games as part of the program.

Matt (in the Hat) Dalziel will be hosting and presenting the Short Course with other members of our staff team.

Places are limited. Each Short Course is limited to a maximum of 25 students.

More course dates will be made available as needed.