Online Music Lessons – FAQs

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Online Music Lessons will be provided by Key Music Australia Staff using the ZOOM video conferencing platform. Parents/Students do not need to register to use ZOOM. You will only need to download the app on a suitable phone, tablet or laptop/computer. Instructions about how to join the online music lesson will be provided once the enrolment is confirmed. See below for the ZOOM DOWNLOAD link

What happens after I submit this form?
This form is a registration form for Online Music Lessons. Upon receipt of your registration, Key Music Australia Staff will commence allocating students to a lesson with a tutor. We will endeavour to allocate you to a lesson with your current tutor, but this may not be possible as not all tutors will be providing Online Music Lessons.

When will my Online Music Lessons start?
You will be sent an email with your Online Lesson Time and start date. We are hoping to get the lessons started as soon as possible. However, there are a number of organisational and logistical things that Key Music Australia needs to implement to be able to commence online lessons.

How to use ZOOM to make your Online Music Lessons work well?
Online Music Lessons can take place for a student on either a phone, tablet (iPad etc) or laptop/computer. Think carefully about how you position the device so that the tutor can see as much of the student and music as possible. There are a number of good resources online that can assist with setting up your online music lesson space to maximise the results. Internet connections and speeds can impact your video call. Try and test your connection and have a practice video call with a family or friend before your 1st online music lesson. If tutors need to spend your lesson time assisting with the setup of your device and camera positioning, this will reduce the time spent on the actual music lesson.

ZOOM Setup Help?
We are developing some checklists for parents to assist them with setting up for their child’s ZOOM lesson. These will be provided to anyone who is registered for an Online Music Lesson. 

Headphones or Speakers?
Whether to use headphones or your computer speakers will depend on what your preferences are. You may also wish to consider using a USB microphone to assist with providing a clear transmission of sound via the microphone. However, using the in-built computer/tablet speaker and microphone should still be sufficient.

What content will be covered in the Online Music Lessons?
Tutors will be working with each student to further their music education journey. Tutors will not be following the regular structure provided by the band conductors as band rehearsals will not be taking place. This will allow tutors to work on a wide variety of music styles and genres. Tutors will be able to work with students around their special interests and styles of music. If students can source some new music to work on in lessons that will be very beneficial. There is a variety of music available on the internet – tutors will be able to make some suggestions.
Music that will be worked on in Online Music Lessons will include (but will not be limited to):

  • Current Band Music
  • Current Music from Books/Folders etc
  • New Music provided by the student
  • New Music suggested/provided by the tutor

How does payment work for Online Music Lesson?
Invoices will be sent from the Key Music Australia Accounts Dept for the cost of online music lessons. Private 30mins Online Lessons will cost $33+GST per 30min lesson. Private 15mins Online Lessons will cost $20+GST per 15min lesson.

Are Group or Shared Lessons available?
Our testing and research has shown that group and shared lessons (with multiple students playing instruments) is unfortunately not going to be possible due to the delay and lag.  

Can we book a shorter Online Music Lesson?
Yes – You can now book a 15mins Private Online Music Lesson via our online form. We hope that these will act as a more affordable option for parents. Please be advised that 15mins will go quickly and students will need to be fully setup and ready to maximise the shorter amount of lesson time. 15mins Private Online Music Lessons are designed for students who normally attend shared or group face to face lessons. 

How long is my Online Music Lesson enrolment for?
Enrolment for Online Musical Lessons is ongoing until regular face to face music lessons recommence on-site at school. This will not be until Term 3 at the earliest. 

When will Online Music Lessons Start?

– Key Music Australia has made the decision that we will not be doing any face to face music lessons in any schools in Term 2. This decision has been made to allow us to plan the coming months for our staff and families and smoothly transition to Online Music Lessons. 

– Key Music Australia will only be able to recommence our regular face to face lessons when the majority of students are back attending school as normal. 

– Therefore, Key Music Australia will ONLY be offering Online Music Lessons in Term 2. The decision about how we proceed with Term 3 will be made as we get closer to Term 3. 

– The week commencing Mon 6th April will be used as a test week for Online Music Lessons. Anyone registered for Online Music Lessons will have a lesson next week. The cost of this lesson will be added to your Term 2 invoice. 

– There will now be NO Online Music Lessons in the Term 1 School Holidays. This is different from what we initially indicated. The 2 week break will allow Key Music Australia to further plan and implement the transition to Online Music Lessons. 

Term 2 Online Music Lessons will commence from Monday 27th April at the time/day issued to you. 

– Online Music Lesson Timetables and further details will be sent out to all registered families.

– Invoices for 10 x Online Music Lessons in Term 2 will be issued at the start of Term 2. The Term 2 invoice will also include the cost of 1 x Online Music Lesson in Term 1 (if registered by then).

– Credits owing will be deducted from the Term 2 Online Music Lesson Invoice as a dollar amount as detailed below. 

Online Music Lesson Registrations – Conditions

– You are not able to register for only a selected amount of Online Music Lessons (Eg 1 or 2 Online Lessons). Registrations are for as long as Online Music Lessons are operating.

– Withdrawal from Online Music Lessons can only be done at the end of a term by providing 2 weeks notice. This is the same as our standard terms and conditions. 

– Missed Online Music Lessons. Our standard terms and conditions will apply for any missed Online Music Lessons. 24 hours notice must be given to our office to be eligible for a make up lesson. Our staff will be able to offer numerous make up lesson spots, as their schedules have significant availability. More details will be provided to registered families. 

What happens if I do not register my child for Online Music Lessons?
– Your child will still remain enrolled with Key Music Australia and will be able to recommence music lessons and band rehearsals as normal when face to face lessons and band rehearsals are approved to recommence on-site at schools. This will not be until Term 3 at the earliest. 

– If you do not register for Online Music Lessons, your enrolment will automatically be placed on hold. You do not need to do anything further.

Missed Lessons/Credit
– We are aware that each family has some missed lessons from Term 1 that are eligible for credits or make up lessons.
– Due to the complex nature of credits (different lesson types and costs) and the different number of lessons missed, all missed lessons will now be converted to a dollar value. Eg. 2 x Missed Group Music Lessons = $44.00 (inc GST)
– Credits will be applied to your next full invoice as a dollar value. 
– Credits will be applied to Online Music Lesson Invoices that will be issued at the start of Term 2.  
– If you choose not to register for Online Music Lessons, your credit will be applied to the first invoice issued when face to face lesson recommence on-site at school. Please be advised this will not be till Term 3 at the earliest.  
– Refunds are not able to be given. 

Drum Lessons – in the student’s bedroom?
Drums Lessons are able to be conducted in a student’s bedroom if that is where the drum kit is located and it is not possible to move it to another location. A parent or responsible adult will need to in the room for the entire lesson.

What Terms & Conditions/Consent are required?
When you register online you will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions and Consent to the Online Music Lessons taking place. These are listed below:

  • Parent/Guardian Consent is needed to engage in online lessons.
  • Visibility: Tutoring lessons must take place in a visible public room in the home (e.g. dining room, living room). Not in a bedroom. There needs to be some level of visibility to other adults in the house.
  • Supervision: Parents must be responsible for their child’s health & safety and behaviour management during the lesson. We will endeavour to keep the lessons engaging and fun, however there is limited capacity to manage the student’s behaviour when we are not in the room with the student.
  • A Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult (over 18) must make themselves known at the start and end of the lesson and either be in the room or within listening distance. They do not need to be on camera, however this measure is to maintain transparency and adequate protection of the student and tutor during the lessons.
  • Focused space: Parents must agree to the room being ‘noise free’ and ‘sibling free’. Whilst we need visibility to other adults, interruptions from other members of the household will have a negative impact on the learning of the student.
  • Recording: Key Music Australia Staff will never record Online Music Lessons on ZOOM. Students and families are not permitted to record their Online Music Lesson via ZOOM or using any other device (phone/tablet etc).

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