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What is a Standard Service

  • Includes a full clean and adjust
  • A full strip down
  • Check of all pads and corks
  • Replacement of up to three pads included
  • It does not include damage repair
  • Services are only offered on name brands eg. Yamaha, Jupiter, Bach and Buffett.

Price for Standard Service

  • $150 + GST
  • Any work that is not covered by the Standard Service cost will be quoted based on parts and time required. You will be contacted via email and required to give approval via email before any further work goes ahead.

Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting an Instrument Service Booking Form, you are not guaranteed that we will be able to provide you with a booking time.
  • We are only able to service name brand, good quality instruments eg. Yamaha, Jupiter, Bach and Buffett.
  • Invoices are issued on completion of service and payment is required within 7 days of receiving invoice.
  • We have a limited number of spaces available for servicing.
  • Private servicing is usually not available in the school holidays as our servicing staff are servicing school fleets at this time.
  • We require you to respond to all email contact regarding your bookings/ repairs via email so we have written confirmation of you agreeing to all work.
  • The servicing we are offering does not include damaged instruments or major repairs at this time.

How it works

  • Submit a booking form via our website (this is no guarantee of a servicing date being offered to you)
  • Our team contacts you via email to confirm your booking and books you in for the next available date. As we have a limited number of bookings available it may not be for a number of weeks.
  • You will be sent a reminder a few days before the date of your booking.
  • On the date of your booking you take your instrument to the arranged drop off point at school and collect a loan instrument (when available).
  • You will be contacted via email if any further work or change to the price is found during the service. You will be given a quote for the extra work. You need to respond in writing via email whether you would like us to proceed with any further work.
  • You will be contacted by our team to advise you of the collection date to receive your instrument back and return your loan instrument.
  • You will be issued with your invoice which is due 7 days after it is issued. You will also receive a service docket which will outline the work done on your instrument.

Click Here to Book your Instrument in for a Service