Clarinet – Caring for your Instrument

Assemble the two main joints of the clarinet first, and then put on the bell, followed by the barrel. Put the reed in place, and then put on the mouthpiece. Do not put any pressure on the keys when assembling as this may bend them. Make sure you don’t catch the bridge key on its connecting link.

Remove the reed after playing and put it in a reed guard. Dry the mouthpiece out.

Dry the instrument after use with a proper pull through. DO NOT PUT AWAY WET.

Always put the instrument away in its case after use.

Never place the instrument on your bed or seat as you may sit on it.

Oil the key work every six months with key oil and grease the joints with cork grease whenever the clarinet is hard to put together.

Do not use fluffy pipe cleaners.

If there is a problem with your clarinet—DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT YOURSELF. Take it to your tutor and they may be able to fix it or they will advise where to take it to be repaired.

Cleaning products can be purchased from all good Music Stores.

Matt Dalziel

Key Music Australia - Managing Director