FAQs (Start of 2021)

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Do I need to re-enrol my child to restart Music Lessons and Band Rehearsals in 2021? No. Every student who was enrolled in music lessons and band rehearsals with Key Music Australia in 2020 will automatically restart again in Term 1, 2021. No action is required.

When do 2021 Music Lessons and Band Rehearsals restart? This is different at each school. Please view the Start of 2021 – School Specific Information page for details about your school.

When will Term 1 invoices be sent out? Term 1 invoices will be sent out via email in the first couple of weeks in Term 1.

What hygiene precautions are being taken by Key Music Australia Staff? Key Music Australia has in place a COVID Safety Plan to maintain the health and well being of our staff and students. This plan has been developed in consultation with our schools. A copy of the plan has been provided to all our schools.

Do the students need to Physically Distance at Band Rehearsals & Music Lessons? Yes. Students currently do need to physically distance at band rehearsals and music lessons (even though this is not a requirement at school). The Dept of Education has released specific guidelines for Creative Arts (Bands and Choirs) who are operating at schools. Therefore chairs will be spread out to allow for a safe distance between students.

What happens when my child arrives at band rehearsals and music lessons? Students will need to use the provided hand sanitiser when they arrive and leave. Students will also need to use the provided wipes to wipe their chair and music stand at the beginning and end.

Are cleaning supplies provided by Key Music Australia? Yes. Key Music Australia has purchased bulk hand sanitiser, wipes, tissues, paper towel and other hygiene/cleaning supplies for use at band rehearsals and music lessons.

What happens if a child arrives at a music lesson or band rehearsal and they are unwell? Students are not permitted to attend music lessons or band rehearsals if they are unwell. The child’s parent/carer will be contacted and asked to collect the student immediately. Your assistance with maintaining the health and well being of our staff and students is greatly appreciated.

If you have any further questions that are not answered here please CONTACT US.